Colorful Leather Hard-wired V-belt


In addition to belts manufactured to Association for Ru […]

In addition to belts manufactured to Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers standards,ZHEJIANG BAIHUA RUBBER BELT CO., LTD. produces belts to standard DIN 7753 and ISO4184. These standards are based on the metric system of measure and have different cross section designations. The Narrow Wedge profile allows for higher speed ratios, shorter center distances, and more compact drives. They are direct replacements for belts on imported machinery and on domestic equipment for export.

Oil and heat resistant bias cut envelope protects the belt’s inner components against dirt, oil, and heat. The bias cut.

The impregnated fabric provides lateral stability while permitting axial flexibility for operating around small pulley diameters.

High density polyester tension members treated for fatigue and elongation resistance minimize maintenance costs.

The compression section maintains tension member cross section uniformity while remaining flexible enough to reduce heat build up one of the primary causes of premature hard-wired V-Belt failure.

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