Open up the market and go global


In 2014, our company's quality and quantity have comple […]

In 2014, our company's quality and quantity have completed this year's export mission. When our products are sent overseas, our company has also entered the European market and headed for the world. This marks a broader road for our company, and our company's development prospects are boundless.

Of course, this is closely related to the development of our company. We insist on strengthening management, harmonious development, safe production, quality first, customer first, and creating a first-class corporate brand. Produce quality products that customers need.

From the time of receiving the production order, the general manager specially held a work coordination meeting to discuss how to produce high-efficiency products with high efficiency. All departments pay considerable attention to it, and the planning department, technical department, production department, and quality inspection department do their due diligence to provide guarantee for workshop production.

Under the leadership of the general manager, production is carried out efficiently and orderly. Employees are strict with themselves, pay attention to the details of each process, and work hard. The quality inspection department is also meticulous, strictly in accordance with the technical notice to the various indicators, the implementation of the entire process.

It is believed that under our joint efforts, “Baihua Tape” can not only occupy the European and American markets, but also form a certain reputation under the high-quality and high-efficiency production management, and walk out a resounding brand of its own.

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