Corner Code Of Door And Window Joint Belt


Speaking of door and window joint belts, corner codes a […]

Speaking of door and window joint belts, corner codes are one of them. There are three main categories, which are described as follows:
The movable corner code is composed of two pieces of aluminum, which are connected by screws in the middle, and comes with a locator, which is simple and convenient to use. After the aluminum alloy corner codes are bound, the neatness of the corner joints is greatly improved, which can extend the service life of doors and windows. The disadvantage is that the time is long, the sealing performance of the window, the sound insulation, and the performance of wind pressure resistance are all reduced. This kind of corner code is generally used by small door and window manufacturers on a large scale, and large brand manufacturers on a small number of products.
Overall corner code
The integral corner code is integral and does not have a locator. Two pins are used to fasten the positioning, which solves the problem of loosening of the movable corner code after a long time of use, and greatly improves the performance of the whole window.
Glue corner code
Glue-injected corner code is currently commonly used by big brand manufacturers of door and window corner code, which is made of cast aluminum. The overall strength is improved and the appearance of the corner joint is greatly improved. Moreover, there is a diversion groove inside, and the glue is injected after the assembly is completed. The glue will fill the corners through the diversion groove to expand the two corners and make the splicing more compact. The tightness and water resistance are greatly enhanced.

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