Do You Really Know What Is Hexagonal Belts?


As the main part of the belt drive, the transmission be […]

As the main part of the belt drive, the transmission belt has also changed from the original wearing parts to functional parts, and its varieties and specifications have also developed to diversification, from the traditional ordinary cloth hexagonal belt and ordinary flat belt to narrow belt. Hexagonal belt, wide hexagonal belts, combined hexagonal belt, trimmed hexagonal belt, ribbed belt, timing belt, etc.

  Belt drive is one of the important forms of mechanical transmission. With the continuous improvement of industrial technology and the requirements of precision, light weight, functionalization and individualization of mechanical equipment, its application range is more and more extensive, and the transmission form is also increasing. more.

  These belts have been widely used in automobiles, machinery, textiles, household appliances, light industry, agricultural machinery and other fields, and are playing an increasingly important role in the national economy and people's lives.

  Raw-edged toothed hexagonal belt

  With the continuous improvement of belt varieties and performance standards, the main representatives of belts in China are the production line of hexagonal belts, pointed hexagonal belts, synchronous belts and multi-ribbed belts.

  In recent years, V-belts, V-ribbed belts and timing belts are the fastest growing belt varieties.

  At present, the edge-trimming triangle belt can be divided into two types: ordinary edge-trimming triangle belt and tooth-shaped edge-trimming triangle belt. However, due to its large bending stress, it is generally suitable for occasions with low speed and large bending radius.

  The V-belt has low bending stress and fast heat dissipation. It can be used for high-speed, small-bending vehicle V-belts.

  The hexagonal belt has the characteristics of good dynamic flexibility, fast heat dissipation, long service life, high transmission efficiency, etc., which can meet the requirements of transmission power, can avoid early cracking in use, and can be used at high speed and small bending radius.

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