Hard-wired V-belts Are Widely Used In Belt Drives


We are a rubber tape manufacturer, the main product is […]

We are a rubber tape manufacturer, the main product is rubber V-belt (hard steel wire V-belt), of which hard-wired V-belt is one of our products. So what is a hard-wired V-Belt?
V-belt transmission is based on the friction between the two sides of the V-belt and the side of the wheel groove for power transmission. Compared with flat belt transmission, V-belt transmission has higher friction, so it can transmit higher power. The V-belt is more compact than the flat belt, and the V-belt is a transmission belt without joints, so the transmission is relatively stable, and it is the most widely used transmission in belt transmission. So what are its advantages and disadvantages?
The advantages of the V-belt drive are: the center distance varies widely, so it can be adjusted with the installation location of the fan. The structure is simple, the manufacturing is simple, the traditional is stable, and it can be buffered. During operation, the V-belt can slip and play the role of overload safety protection.
The disadvantages of V-belt transmission are: the transmission ratio cannot be strictly guaranteed, the belt transmission efficiency is lower than that of the coupling transmission, the outline size is large, and the service life of the V-belt is short. The V-belt drive adopts a trapezoidal planed belt, which is installed in the groove of the pulley. The top surface of the V-belt is below the wheel surface, and the ground is not in contact with the ground of the groove. The two sides of the V-belt are pressed against the two sides of the groove. Friction is generated on the slope to transmit torque. When transmitting large power, several V-belts can be used for transmission at the same time.
After knowing the above information, we have a certain understanding of hardwired V. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult and contact us, we can provide you with a complete tape solution.

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