Characteristics High Temperature Resistance V-Belt Carcass


  High temperature resistance V-Belt Characteristics hi […]

  High temperature resistance V-Belt Characteristics high temperature resistance V-Belt carcass is made of EP fabric which select high modulus.Thanks to our several decades of good reputation, our Wrapped V-Belts can be used on numerous agricultural or industrial applications.

  Baihua Rubber Belts to the principle of "Quality first,Customers first",we pay much attention to product quality.High Temperature-Resistance.In this case, the ladder is the fact that you probably won't resist this black calf leather triangular belts.

  With Baihua Rubber Belts now constituting our main product series.With our QC staff inspecing every item throughout the manufacturing and packing processes,these personnel are equipped with first-class testing machines.

  Maintenance-free with longer life, its static conductive double envelope construction uses two rubber impregnated wraps to enhance durability and abrasion resistance.High strength V-Belt are designed using a combination of molded glass reinforced nylon with a machined aluminum hub.

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