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Scope of application: The separation of the covering be […]

Scope of application:
The separation of the covering between various fabric cores, wire ropes, conveyor belts, canvas, covering rubber and wire rope, canvas;
Technical parameter:
1, mechanical and electrical power: 0.75KW
2, line speed: 0.3m/s
3, maximum stripping width: 200mm (NN, EP conveyor belt and wire rope conveyor belt) 400mm (common belt)
1, the stripping area is large and the speed is fast, and the labor intensity can be greatly reduced, and the time needed for the joint head is reduced;
2, light weight, easy to carry, carry;
3, stable operation.
Notice of use:
1. The power supply should be operated by professional electrician;
2, the use of stripping machine should be fixed, to prevent sliding;
3, strip width should not exceed the relevant requirements.
Usage method:
1, according to conventional methods will be conveyor belt alignment, should be the corresponding joint with a knife separate, separate the first layer;
2. Place the belt stripper in the proper position and secure it with a wire rope;
3. Switch on the power;
4, the fixture will be used to separate the first layer clamping starting motor, and using tools to peel part in the right place is opened;
5, after the first layer peeling, repeat the above relevant steps, peeling second layers, third layers and so on.

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