Hard-Wired V-Belt Enjoy High Reputation


  The slots on the belt pulley should be in good condit […]

  The slots on the belt pulley should be in good condition, without any abrasion or notch.Because these two types of core structures are interwoven or braided.And then fasten it onto the mounting base, secure the other terminal of the metallic wire onto metallic part of the body. 

  Sometimes it works, often times not exactly. Our knowledge of joint belts is truly unique in the industry and our supply is extensive.We supply all hard-wired V-Belt, from simple, hard-wired V-Belt to belts with cleats and guide ropes, but also specialist designs.

  Our hard-wired V-Belt enjoy high reputation in the market. The triangular belts can be fitted on the conveyor belt in a variety of sizes and designs, according to your specifications.

  Before the installation of the hexagonal belts.If the position is not a metallic part, please fit the secure bolt into the round terminal of metallic wire.And it could cause severe engine damage.Most of the core wires with the common high performance V-Belt use a core and a small amount of thread.

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