High Performance V-Belt-We Look Forward To Your Arrival


They are designed to minimize interference between belt […]

They are designed to minimize interference between belt and sprocket during mesh, providing greater horsepower capacity without slippage or speed variation. By designing the tooth to disperse critical stresses and create a positive engagement with the sprocket, belt performance is improved along with assuring longer belt life.


We’ve got you covered with the right belt for most any job.High Performance V-Belt are purpose-built and designed for optimal performance on the most demanding applications. They resist stretch, heat, oil, chemicals, ozone, and are static dissipating.


The unique quick connect belt designs provide for easier and faster belt installation, even on captured or restricted access drives. High Performance V-Belt are easily made up to the required length by hand, in seconds and can be rolled onto a drive just like a bicycle chain. No need to dismantle drive components.


High Performance V-Belt are used in new vehicles due to the fact that they are easier to maintain and are less complicated to install. High Performance V-Belt are still used on the majority of the older, classic motors. Some simply like the style they give or having each of their accessories run on their own belt.

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