High Strength V-Belt-Strong, Not Easy To Break


  High Performance V-Belt that exceed all requirements […]

  High Performance V-Belt that exceed all requirements for performance, smooth running and belt speeds and are ideal drive elements for a wide range of drive tasks.If a specific drive belt that is adapted perfectly to the High Performance V-Belt is selected, the efficiency of both the belt drive and the entire drive train is improved.

  We also offer our High strength V-Belt with steel and stainless steel hubs, making them ideal in a wide range operating environments.Maintenance-free with longer life, its static conductive double envelope construction uses two rubber impregnated wraps to enhance durability and abrasion resistance.

  High strength V-Belt are designed using a combination of molded glass reinforced nylon with a machined aluminum hub.If conventional High strength V-Belt are installed this way, almost certainly some of the load-bearing tension cords will be broken, leading to significantly reduced belt life.

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