High Temperature Resistance V-Belt You Don't Know


  One third of electric motors employed in industrial a […]

  One third of electric motors employed in industrial and commercial applications use belt drives.Resulting in better power transmission that leads to a longer belt life.The helically wound tensile cords are specially engineered, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material.High performance, Long service life, Uniform joint belts geometry, High flexibility, Suitable for flat belt transmission. The construction is of organic polyaramide fibers that are manufactured using complex chemical processes.The fact is many factors can contribute to sheave wear.

  This aramid construction is also used in military armor and bullet proof vests.Premium belts have the highest power density of any V-belt, and stretch dramatically less than standard cross sections.These belts are suited for severe duty applications, including shock and high starting loads.They consist of several high strength V-Belt joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band offering a tougher more stable solution compared to a single belt.

  It has optimised the construction to provide V-belts that last longer and offer high resistance to wear, even under extreme temperatures.With the newest generation of our high temperature resistance V-Belt, we are able to offer you a top-notch service belt that requires neither maintenance nor retightening.That’s why they’re ideal for use on problem drives requiring high-impact strength and load-carrying power.

  The ribs ensure the high temperature resistance V-Belt tracks properly, making alignment less critical than it is for flat belts.If you’re not sure of what size or type of belt or pulley you need? Our experienced staff is available to help you figure it out.The body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound.

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