I Used High Performance V-Belt That Were Good


  The advantages of which belt types does the high perf […]

  The advantages of which belt types does the high performance V-Belt combine?If the belts are exposed to unfavourable conditions, then the shelf life of the belts can reduce rapidly.High performance V-Belt resist oil and heat for efficient operation and low maintenance.High Performance V-Belt combine traction with the speed of movement to deliver up.

  Safe use is ensured by preventing static electricity.Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip.Trapezoidal in shape to wedge deeper into the tracks of pulleys preventing slippage and alignment problems.The narrower sheave means lower weight and therefore lower side load on the bearings.

  The outer fabric wrap is treated with oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber compound.As a drive starts and stops, the constant slipping decreases belt life and erodes sheave grooves. Browning high temperature resistance V-Belt provide exclusive single wrap design for greater flexibility when using small diameter sheaves less.Between equivalently priced solutions there can be less than obvious differences that may impact product life and performance in dramatic ways.

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