Oil Resistance V-belt That Cannot Be Broken


  We hope to work together with you for lasting relatio […]

  We hope to work together with you for lasting relationship and mutual success.We make a wide variety of Baihua Rubber Belts for all kinds of applications.The mechanical strength is good, when the pipe is erected, the internal force is consistent.And has good abrasion resistance, low ductility and great flexibility.These hexagonal belts are used for transmission with more than two axels, where one or more of the pulleys will rotate in different directions.

  Oil resistance V-Belt, sometimes called vee-belts, are a type of drive belt that have tapered sides that fit in pulleys with side guides.High performance construction features include a synthetic fiber fabric cover.The V shape allows the oil resistance V-Belt to fit securely in the pulley to prevent side drift and help prevent the belt from turning over.They can be used to replace multiple single V-belts.oil resistance V-Belt are typically made out of rubber or a polymer, but may also have fibers from other materials added for reinforcement.We offer clients a wide range of oil resistance V-Belts which are available in various types and specifications as per the client requirements.

  Standard conveyor belts can quickly deteriorate under high-heat conditions.If you need materials with superior release, permeability for rapid drying, chemical resistance and high strength.While simple in concept, our high temperature resistance V-Belts composite V Belts delivery outstanding performance, solving may of the field problems traditionally associated with conventional V Belts.


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