Production High Temperature Resistance V-Belt, A Significantly


  The bottom layer where the oil resistance V-Belt has […]

  The bottom layer where the oil resistance V-Belt has contact with the pulley, can be coated with special rubber to increase friction and wear resistance.Due to the steady developments in materials and production high temperature resistance V-Belt, a significantly better length and service life of the high temperature resistance V-Belt could be achieved.

  The belts are constructed of highly engineered.Belts always break at inopportune times, so we recommend having a spare around.This is commonly achieved by hanging the belts on crescent shaped pegs or pin racks.Hexagonal belts are also matched, oil-heat resistant and static dissipating.

  The fact is many factors can contribute to sheave wear.The simplest type of belt is the flat belt.The advantages of which belt types does the high performance V-Belt combine?If the belts are exposed to unfavourable conditions, then the shelf life of the belts can reduce rapidly.

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