Such An Excellent Baihua Rubber Belt With Many Advantages


  They are ideally suited for backside idler and clutch […]

  They are ideally suited for backside idler and clutching drive applications.Since they need up to 50% smaller pulley widths than classical sections, this allows for a substantial size reduction in drives.belts are designed to offer durable and reliable performances on light and medium-duty drives.Wrapped to provide smooth quiet operation.Belts designed for operating at high speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances.

  Import Classical Baihua Rubber Belts for use with iron sheaves.Available in a variety of belt numbers and outside lengths.Relatively inexpensive, Baihua Rubber Belts are designed to allow for limited slippage; intended to slip only in potentially problematic situations.

  Most new drives these days use universal pulleys, so in most cases the classical belt can be replaced with Baihua Rubber Belts.The components are manufactured using the latest in belt technology available on a global basis.The outer fabric wrap is treated with oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber compound.

  Their primary function is to transmit power from a primary source, like a motor, to a secondary driven unit.Which provide enhanced strenghth and less flexibility than regular rubber belts.Browning hexagonal belts provide exclusive single wrap design for greater flexibility when using small diameter sheaves less fabric overlap which reduces vibration and increases belt life.

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