Triangular Belts Structure Is Easy And Is Widely Used


  We respect every customer as our friend and we sincer […]

  We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them.Triangular belts special core structure, good toughness, high strength, suitable for high-speed applications.We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers triangular belts structure is easy to manufacture, tensile strength is generally low, is widely used.

  High performance construction features include a synthetic fiber fabric cover.The V shape allows the oil resistance V-Belt to fit securely in the pulley to prevent side drift and help prevent the belt from turning over.The hexagonal belts is a specially constructed belt.The construction of a hexagonal belt resembles two v-belts banded back to back.

  Wrapped V-Belts are the most common type of drive belt used for power transmission.These allow joint belts to easily to fitted and removed from conveyors.Typically, High strength V-Belts are used with mating pulleys in drives where speed ratio is not critical.The power is transmitted from one pulley to the other by means of the friction between the belt and pulley.

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