Wrapped V-Belts Are Rubber, Urethane Synthetic


  The hard-wired V-Belts are covered with a double wrap […]

  The hard-wired V-Belts are covered with a double wrap of special fabric to ensure high resistance to wear and tear and reduced slippage while clutching.Unlike conventional triangular belts, the new bandless triangular belts does not suffer from severe tension decay in the first hours after installation.Just measure the top width and circumference, find another hexagonal belts with the same dimensions, and slap it on the drive.

  Wrapped V-Belts are rubber, urethane synthetic, and neoprene designs with either a V or trapezoidal profile.Perhaps your application calls for a positive drive synchronous power transmission belt, or a round endless belt.The latter increases the amount of contact between Wrapped V-Belts and pulleys to minimize tension needed to transmit torque.

  If you’re not sure of what size or type of Wrapped V-Belts you need? Our experienced staff is available to help you figure it out.Our high strength v-belts are manufactured with a tough, durable, yet flexible cover, surrounding an insulating core that fuses the tensile cords to the compression section of the high strength v-belt.

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