Wrapped V-Belts Combine Traction


  Technological innovation is the internal driving forc […]

  Technological innovation is the internal driving force for the long-term success of the industry. Rational use of innovation results, full respect and protection of intellectual property rights.Focus on exporting for over years, with experienced and energetic working team, provide the best triangular belts for each customers.And ethylene propylene diene methylene rubber or butyl chloride rubber with excellent high-temperature resistance as the cover rubber with high-temperature resistance materials.

  High temperature resistance V-Belt are used for easy drive design, especially for greater axial shaft distances, quiet operation, simple installation and also a low overall cost in comparison with other drive systems.Consistent further development of the production process, improved materials, low stretch polyester cords.High strength tie band offering a tougher more stable solution compared to a single belt.

  The Wrapped V-Belts are used worldwide for power transmission. It is economic and widely available in aftermarket.Which provide enhanced strenghth and less flexibility than regular rubber belts.Wrapped V-Belts combine traction with the speed of movement to deliver up.Wrapped V-Belts are especially suitable for drives with high belt speeds and are used in industrial and agricultural machinery.Adhering to the principle of "Quality first,Customers first",we pay much attention to product quality.

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