The Main Function Of The Hexagonal Belt


The hexagonal belts are advanced shaft coupling device, […]

The hexagonal belts are advanced shaft coupling device, widely used in steel rolling, lifting, forging, petroleum machinery equipment, auto parts, ship parts, various machinery and other large equipment and other machinery and equipment. Join.
Their hexagonal design allows them to maintain optimal sidewall contact while remaining flexible enough to accommodate drives that need to transmit power from both sides of the belt.
Generally speaking, the hexagon has the following characteristics:
1. Using the principle of centrifugal movement, the finishing rate is high, and the work efficiency is improved by 5-10 times.
2. It is suitable for the finishing and finishing of large and medium-sized workpieces in batches, especially for workpieces with heterosexual cavities.
3. It has the advantages of low noise and convenient operation.
The global hexagonal belt market is divided by applications such as agriculture, automotive, and industry. According to the type, the global hexagonal belt market is segmented into 72-210 inches, 70-250 inches, 90-280 inches, etc. You can find the appropriate model on our homepage.

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