What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using V-belt


Wrapped V-Belts, or V-shaped tape, is a unique conveyor […]

Wrapped V-Belts, or V-shaped tape, is a unique conveyor belt, a mechanical device used to transmit force and transport goods. It is easy to install, small footprint, high transmission efficiency and low noise. V-shaped tape is abbreviated as V-belt or V-belt. It is a general term for loop transmission belts with a trapezoidal cross-section. It is divided into two categories: special-core V-belts and ordinary V-belts.
Precautions for using V belt
1. When parallel shaft transmission, the axis of each pulley must maintain the specified parallelism. The groove of the driven wheel must be adjusted in the same plane, and the error must not exceed 20 cm. Otherwise, it will cause the V-belt to twist and cause premature wear on both sides.
2. Do not pry in forcibly when the belt is set. The center distance should be reduced first, and the belt should be placed on the pulley, and then gradually increase the center distance to tighten the belt until the applied test force G meets the specified deflection y=1.6a/ Up to 100.
3. When multiple V-belts are driven, in order to avoid uneven load distribution of each V-belt, the group tolerance of the belt should be within the specified range.
4. The belt drive should be inspected and adjusted in time. Damaged V belts should be replaced in time. New and old belts, ordinary V belts, narrow V belts, and V belts of different specifications cannot be mixed.
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