Why Does The Triangular Belt Break?


V-belt is one of the more common and commonly used tool […]

V-belt is one of the more common and commonly used tools in daily production and life, and often when we see it, it is in working condition. "Lucky" points will also encounter breaks, so what makes the good-end triangle belt suddenly break? What should we pay attention to to prevent the triangle belt from breaking?

In the process of use, if the triangular belts breaks, it cannot be considered as a unilateral problem. It may be caused by comprehensive factors. One of them may be that the use time is too long, resulting in changes in the internal structure of the triangle belt. Fracture behavior is very easy to rupture, just like the human body. If it takes a long time, that is, in old age, all organs of the human body begin to fail, and such problems will follow one after another. The triangle belt is also a principle. Years are a pig-killing knife, and no matter how good things are, they cannot withstand the waste of time. Therefore, we need the market to pay attention to the behavior of the triangle belt, and if a bad sign is found, replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

In addition, it may be caused by different degrees of fracture behavior due to the tensile, compression resistance and quality problems of the triangle belt itself. Turning decay into a miracle depends on the situation. It is difficult to pass the quality problems like the triangle belt. The efforts of the day after tomorrow make it change, so we need to check whether its stretchability and compression resistance meet the standards when we *** the triangle belt.

One of the reasons for the fracture behavior of the V-belt may be related to improper behavior during use. When two V-belts are used together, it should be noted that the length of the two V-belts is controlled at the same length. Let them be balanced, and if the length is too short, exceeding its stretchability, fracture behavior is inevitable.

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