Using intellectual property protection to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises


In today's knowledge economy and economic globalization […]

In today's knowledge economy and economic globalization, the competition among enterprises is ultimately the competition of technology, and the competition of technology is basically the competition of intellectual property.

Taizhou Baihua Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd. closely combines the technological innovation and patent protection of enterprises, and promotes the continuous improvement of independent innovation capability of enterprises. Technological innovation is the internal driving force for the long-term success of the industry. Under the leadership of Chairman Tang Tianbao, the company took the lead in implementing corporate intellectual property strategy in the industry: First, establish a relatively complete intellectual property management system, cultivate an intellectual property management team, and establish a scientific and effective intellectual property management network. Second, adhere to independent innovation and guarantee the industrialization of patents and proprietary technologies. The company has established a mature and efficient technology innovation system to continuously improve the independent innovation capability of enterprises. Third, improve the technical innovation team to ensure the smooth implementation of intellectual property strategy and technological innovation. Rational use of innovation results, full respect and protection of intellectual property rights. In addition, the company has set up various awards to encourage scientific and technological personnel to carry out independent innovation.

The development of a knowledge-innovation enterprise, the cohesion of a core competitiveness cannot be separated from the leaders' vision. The implementation of the enterprise intellectual property strategy not only reflects the innovative thinking and forward-looking vision of Mr. Tang Tianbao, the chairman of the company, but also makes the products of “Baihua Tape”. Dare to compete with domestic and foreign products in the same industry and achieve great success.

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