Hard-wired V-belt In My Heart


hard-wired V-Belt Pulley Alternator with a Smooth-Look […]

hard-wired V-Belt Pulley Alternator with a Smooth-Look Finish for Ford Mustangs.

they are an internally regulated bolt-on upgrade for early Ford Mustangs that will conserve your engine's horsepower by making sure your electrical and ignition systems have enough voltage to operate properly. Part of the exciting new Series line of alternators and starters, Smooth-Look alternators have had all sharp lines and edges blended, optimizing the alternator's casing for superior polishing and chrome plating.

Alternator Features:

- Internally regulated with 1-wire hook-up

- Gold battery post for better electrical connections

- Smooth-Look finished housing

- V-belt pulley

- Recommended charge wire size: 8 AWG

- 70 AMPS @ 2400 RPM; Max. Alt. RPM: 18,000

- Proof of performance tag

the Smooth-Look alternators are available in a chrome plated finish or a natural finish to suit your performance and style needs.

Will not work with factory regulator or wiring. You must run a new heavy gauge wire to power the alternator.

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