And Can Have Severe Joint Belts


  With experienced and energetic working team, provide […]

  With experienced and energetic working team, provide the best quality and service for each customers.In addition to transferring rotational motion, because it is a cog-toothed belt.Composed of four parts: wrapping cloth, top glue, stretch body and bottom glue.

  If the joint belts are fixed onto the belt pulley by force, they will suffer serious stress, which will do harm to the surface fibers and the high quality and cause damage to extensional elements.It has a limited life span, is intended to be serviced with regularity, and can have severe joint belts if it fails.

  Premature worn-out of the high strength V-Belt is usually by improper installation or maintenance.As a brand product,“Baihua” rubber high strength V-Belt produced by us has the same level as the domestic high quality brand with good value for money.

  With an annual output of 4000 meters of various types of oil resistance V-Belt.Oil resistance V-Belt special core structure, good toughness, high strength, suitable for high-speed applications.Resulting in a gradual elongation of the core.

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