Baihua Rubber Belts Are First-Class Product


  The Baihua Rubber Belts is a critical component in an […]

  The Baihua Rubber Belts is a critical component in an engine.A Baihua Rubber Belts is a rubber cog-toothed belt that transfers rotational motion from the crankshaft to, at minimum, a camshaft.In addition to transferring rotational motion, because it is a cog-toothed belt.Baihua Rubber Belts has two special core structure and rope core structure.

  The core of special hexagonal belts is made of toughened brown line of polymer polyester and has a solid core-like core structure.The hexagonal belts should be re-measured if it has been stored for some time.Composed of four parts: wrapping cloth, top glue, stretch body and bottom glue.Therefore, the common hexagonal belts made of core wire and core wire can only be used in low load transmission system.And it could cause severe engine damage.

  Simple structure, manufacturing installation accuracy is not high, easy to use and maintain.It is suitable for the occasions with larger center distance between two axes.The selection work should be done through measurements, and the identification of the manufacturer code or other marks.As a brand product,“Baihua” rubber high strength V-Belt produced by us has the same level as the domestic high quality brand with good value for money.

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