High Performance V-Belt Are Made Of High Performance Materials


  The latter increases the amount of contact between ba […]

  The latter increases the amount of contact between baihua rubber belts and pulleys to minimize tension needed to transmit torque.Unique in their extreme robustness and high load carrying capability they are unrivalled.

  The hexagonal belts are ideal for smaller-diameter pulleys with backside idlers, offering greater flexibility no matter the speed.The earliest belt iteration is the hexagonal belts design.The belt drive can also be used to change the speed of rotation, either up or down, by using different sized pulleys.

  High Performance V-Belt are made of high performance materials that are resistant to heat and oil.High performance v-belt are stronger than conventional drive belts, the heat resistant cotton wrap that covers the outer edges of the high performance v-belt.

  The high performance v-belt wedges into the groove as the load increases creating power distribution and torque.The offered product is available in various sizes and other related specifications as per the demand of customers.

  These high performance v-belt transmit power from both sides of the v-belt and can be used with standard pulleys/ sheaves.These belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies.

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