If A Specific High Performance V-Belt


  Fire resistant anti-static v-belts are used in a wide […]

  Fire resistant anti-static v-belts are used in a wide range of settings and provide a high-quality replacement for oil resistance V-Belt in many different types of equipment.

  This is the only place you will find a combination hard-wired V-Belt.Typical drive element on serpentine drives and applications where the direction of rotation may change.The hexagonal belts is wrapped with a strong, wear resistant, bias cut, neoprene rubberised fabric.

  We have a product development and testing center, which can carry out various regular tests such as rubber vulcanization test, fatigue test.Joint belts enable increased efficiency and add to the processing capacity when sorting and processing cut flowers and bouquets.

  Smooth running and belt speeds and are ideal drive elements for a wide range of High Performance V-Belt.If a specific drive belt that is adapted perfectly to the High Performance V-Belt is selected, the efficiency of both the belt drive and the entire drive train is improved.

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