Joint Belts Are Made Of An Advanced Polymer


  The polyester tension cord placed at the centre of th […]

  The polyester tension cord placed at the centre of the construction provides extreme flexibility and low stretch properties.Classical joint belts are endless belts used in a wide range of applications.The products are particularly designed for rigorous applications.

  joint belts are made of an advanced polymer and optimized tensile cord for improved wear resistance and long life.Our provided joint belts are broadly known for their quick working as well as light weight structure.These joint belts are developed specially for drives involving a number of pulleys aroud which the belt is passed in a zing zag pattern.

  Using both sides of the baihua rubber belts it is possible to transmit power to and from pulleys rotating in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.These are manufactured using top grade components which are procured from trustworthy vendors of the market.Typical drive element on serpentine drives and applications where the direction of rotation may change.

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