Reasonably Priced Wrapped V-Belts


Our Wrapped V-Belts are performance-proven to deliver s […]

Our Wrapped V-Belts are performance-proven to deliver superior results.Wrapped V-Belts can transmit significantly higher torques with the same bearing load than flat belts!


These force-transmitting cords are embedded in a rubber core between a top cover and a bottom cover. The bottom layer where the belt has contact with the pulley, can be coated with special rubber to increase friction and wear resistance. The top layer on the opposite side only has a protective function.


The high bearing load when using flat belts can be significantly reduced by using Wrapped V-Belts. The wedge-shaped cross-section leads to high frictional forces on the flanks due to the “wedge effect”. Therefore, only relatively low preload forces are necessary to generate the required frictional forces for power transmission.

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