Specially Triangular Belts, Twisted, Heat


  If you have a slightly longer joint belts, then we wo […]

  If you have a slightly longer joint belts, then we would suggest loosely coiling the belt so that it reduces the space needed for storage.We also recommend relaxing belt tension if a drive is not being used for prolonged periods of time.

  The helically wound tensile cords are specially triangular belts, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material.These hexagonal belts can transmit upto three times the horse power of the classical belts, in the same amount of drive space.

  Most new drives these days use universal pulleys, so in most cases the classical high strength V-Belt can be replaced with a narrow v-belt.Trapezoidal in shape to wedge deeper into the tracks of pulleys preventing slippage and alignment problems.

  The outer fabric wrap is treated with oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber compound.To prevent the joint belts from jumping off the pulley, the cross-section of the pulley surface has a slight convex curvature.

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