The Answer To High Strength In High Strength Triangle Belt


The triangle has two kinds of special core structure an […]

The triangle has two kinds of special core structure and rope core structure, which are respectively composed of four parts: cloth covering, top rubber, tensile body and bottom rubber. The V-belt with the rope core structure is convenient to manufacture, has general tensile strength and low price. The V-belt with the special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for occasions with high speed. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of actual production, High strength V-Belts appeared.
Here is a brief description of what a high-strength V-belt is, which is mainly used in high-torque transmission systems. The matrix is ​​made of tough polyurethane compound; the carbon fiber cord has higher strength, lower elongation, and higher flexibility; the proprietary tooth structure provides high shear force, low noise, and improves transmission power; oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance Or wear; the surface of the nylon tooth reduces friction and is free of lubrication; the use time is 3 times longer than the chain; it is quieter than the chain. This kind of high-strength triangle belt has special application scenarios and is suitable for industries such as machine tools, medical equipment, inventory equipment, micro appliances, hair dryers and woodworking machinery.

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