The Choice Of Baihua Rubber Belt


We are a manufacturer of Baihua Rubber Belts. The main […]

We are a manufacturer of Baihua Rubber Belts. The main products are rubber hard wire, flexible wire, narrow V-belt and hexagonal belt. For 30 years, we have been focusing on the production of rubber V-belts (covered V-belts), with an annual output of 40 million A meters of various types of rubber V-belts. We have rich experience in this area, and you can rest assured of the product quality.
Then you may be wondering, how to choose hard wire and soft wire? You can refer to the following statement.
1. The hard wire has good mechanical strength, the internal force is the same when erected through the pipe, the joint is easy to connect in many forms, and the corrosion resistance is stronger than that of the soft wire.
——Suitable for strong current power supply with maximum current carrying capacity.
2. The flexible wire has better vibration resistance than the hard wire. It is easy to break when laying and stretched. The joint needs to add a copper nose or hot tin. The cost is high. The bending degree can be small. The insulation skin is more demanding. It is easy to be injured when using the top wire to crimp. Core.
——Suitable for smaller current control circuits.
The price of hard wire is lower, and the price of soft wire is higher. In addition, when the flexible wire and hard wire pass the same current capacity, the temperature rise is lower, and the heat dissipation of the flexible wire is slightly better than that of the hard wire.
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