Three Warning Signs Of Triangular Belts Premature Failure


Triangular belt is the most common type of belt today. […]

Triangular belt is the most common type of belt today. As the name suggests, its cross-sectional shape is "V" shape, and it is widely used in industrial, automotive, commercial, agricultural and household appliances applications. triangular belts  drive is a popular choice for many people because it is economical, easy to install and does not require lubrication. To ensure a longer service life of the triangular belt , please pay attention to the following belt premature warning signs, which is very important to fail:


  1. Improper installation of the triangular belt on the pulley

Seats with incorrectly installed triangle belts are one of the danger signs that may cause early damage to the seat belts. If the seat is too deep, the belt part is too small or the pulley is worn. When the seat is too high, the belt portion may be too large.


  1. Beware of tension

When using multiple belts, the large difference in tension between each belt is another early sign of premature belt failure. Tension occurs when the belt is at its optimum service life. Anything higher or lower than its tension will shorten the belt life.


  1. Smoke is seen during operation

If you see burning during the belt drive, don't panic. Smoking indicates that there is slippage between the triangular belt pulley and the pulley due to low belt tension or wear of the pulley. When the sheave is worn, the sides of the sheave corners begin to dent and have a concave appearance, and the contact area between the belt and the sheave is small and slips.

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