Zhejiang Wrapped V-Belts


The tensile cords are well centered into the section. T […]

The tensile cords are well centered into the section. This special polyester tensile cordfeatures low stretch and high flexibility as required by such double section belt.
The rubber base is loaded with fiber, and designed to transmit power both on top and bottom of the belt; supports strong longitudinal forces.
Resistant to abrasion, our heavy duty industrial wrapping cover will provide perfect grip to our dual sided V-Belt
• Temperature range from -40°C up to +70°C
• Meets antistatic requirements from ISO 1813
• Good resistance to dust and against other external aggressions
• Meets RoHS and REACH requirements
• Includes: HAA, HBB, HCC (other designation: AA, BB, CC) (See details)
Specially designed for alternative flexibility in the drive direction; meanwhile offering rigidity in the section; our Wrapped V-Belts are perfectly suited for opposite directions drive.
Supporting various serpentine configurations, they can be used in agriculture applications as well as industrial machine equipments.
Indeed, with multiple working surfaces, our Dual Sided V-Belts offer great flexibility and are applicable to drive transmitting power to pulleys rotating in different directions.

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