Why Do You Need Oil-resistant V-belts?


The difference between the oil resistance V-Belt and th […]

The difference between the oil resistance V-Belt and the ordinary belt can be seen from the name. The ordinary conveyor belt has poor tolerance to various oils and organic solvents. When transporting oily materials, due to the swelling and corrosive nature of the oil on the surface rubber, the volume of the surface rubber increases, the structure is loose, the physical and mechanical properties decrease, and the product life is shortened. The oil-resistant conveyor belt is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas, and refined through calendering, molding, vulcanization and other processes. It has relatively good oil resistance and is suitable for conveying oily materials and some occasions where oily and chemical solvents may appear. use.
V-belts or conveyor belts are often damaged due to problems such as aging, high temperature and oil. The most ideal and perfect repair must strictly follow the principle of "equal strength and same life", that is, hot repair technology and technology achieve. The real purpose of the application of other repairing technologies is to obtain suitable repair time and opportunities. Therefore, cold repair and mechanical repair must not be used as the ultimate treatment for damage to the conveyor belt. It is only convenient and simple, and the pursuit of low cost and short time will result in endless troubles. We hope that every conveyor belt system management and maintenance staff must have a clear understanding and thorough understanding of the basic concept of conveyor belt repair, and successfully complete the glue connection and repair work of the conveyor belt.

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