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Recently, there have been counterfeit belt products pro […]

Recently, there have been counterfeit belt products produced by our company. Now our company reminds our customers to order and use our products at the same time, please carefully approve the following information:

1. The legal names registered by our company are “Taizhou Baihua Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.”. For the contract signed with our company above, please confirm whether the contract chapter is consistent with the names of the above two units, and only the VAT invoices issued by the above two units. For my company's regular name invoice.

2. Check the “Hundred Flowers” logo on the product manual of the tape packaging, and print the name, specifications and production date of the above units.

3. The official website of our company is The latest telephone fax and other contact information published on this website shall prevail.

Hope that the majority of users to be vigilant, beware of counterfeiting!

Special announcement!

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